Aligner Orthodontics in multidisciplinary treatments


Multi-disciplinary treatments often represent a challenge for the dental team. In many cases clear aligners could improve treatment planning and outcome. This lecture will discuss the interaction of clear aligners with other dental specialties such as restorative dentistry and implantology.
Learning objectives:
1. Select the proper cases for clear aligner treatments according to the clinician’s expertise
2. Discuss the role of clear aligners to simplify implant placement
3. Understand the importance of Orthodontics in the treatment planning phase and in the management of complex rehabilitations.
4. Understand the most common reasons for unsatisfactory treatment outcomes
5. Implement the strategies to avoid undesired results
Speaker: Dr. Ferruccio Torsello


Typ podujatia Webináre
Dátum 24.05.2022

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